Impact & Testimonials


f/stop Project's ongoing events continue to demonstrate success in promoting a healthy relationship between self-esteem, confidence and beauty. Since our first f/stop Project in 2011, we have photographed many women and young girls. Through our portraiture and their words we have been able to educate, uplift and inspire - revealing more than one definition of Beauty. 


"Thank-you for your kindness act for the Photo shoot for the Living Grace Home girls. I received my pictures two weeks ago and I am so impressed with how they came out! You did a beautiful job , I’m so thankful to have had a chance to get maternity photos done with Nevaeh , because I didn’t get the opportunity to take maternity photos with my first. You’re a beautiful soul and your work is phenomenal. Thank-you so much again for all that you’ve done , you’re really appreciated ❤️ God bless you." -Angelica 

"My experience with f/stop Project was amazing! Everyone was super nice & friendly.  I would definitely do it again.  It boosted my confidence a lot, everyone made me feel beautiful.  I appreciate all that was done.  Thank you very much. You guys are the best!" - Bertha

"This day changed my life. I was in a lost part of my life and there was light. I love y'all who made this event special and listened to my story. God is Good. For those who are new on my page. Today was a day I got the pleasure to tell about my lupus story THANKS to Lisa Wright who put the event together, but also took these wonderful pictures and Veronica Marie for seeing the positively in me to tell my story. I appreciate that a lot. I would do it again in a heart beat. Thank you for this. I'm beyond changed!" - Randi

"Being a part of f/stop Project was an incredible experience! F/stop Project is empowering, as well as inspiring, and influential. I felt like a Queen!  F/stop Project gave me the feeling of encouragement, like I could do or become anything I wanted to be. Thank you F/stop Project" - Chloe

"Pure Goodness." - Lisa Strawther, President of Making Up Las Vegas. Master Makeup and Hair Artist

"The f/stop Project was an amazing experience. Never have I done something that brought me so much joy. The kindness, the happiness, the fun & the getting ready will always be a memory I'll remember.  Thank you F/stop Project for that amazing experience! - Brandy

"These sessions are a true prize for underprivileged girls who have never been treated to such luxuries. It's an amazing opportunity for these girls to boost their self confidence, and focus on their inner strengths.  It is great to know there are wonderful community partners out there who care as much as we do, and we support f/stop Project's mission of making young women in our local community stand out." - Kate Sapp, Director of The Las Vegas Prom Closet

"I was awarded a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a free prom photo shoot, and the beautiful people of f/stop Project made me feel like such a princess. As I sat in the room with other teenage girls, we all came to a consensus that we would forever remember the experience - we felt like models! The artists worked their magic and turned us all into Prom Queens, with the biggest smiles on their faces. If I had the chance to go back and relive the experience, I would." - Christina

"I really enjoyed my experience with fstop. I still look at my photo today and get happy because it was such a nice and empowering day to get your photo taken in a professional way. I appreciate all the work that this organization does and hope it continues!' - Amina

"The photos that were taken at the Mother's Day event were wonderful, and greatly appreciated by the Doolittle Seniors. Your commitment and involvement with the community is sincerely appreciated." - Cassandra Lewis Walker, Center Coordinator, Doolittle Senior Center


F/Stop Project aims to empower women through camera lens  

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